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Rocketwheel has delivered 300+ minutes, 50+ per week, across 3 months.


Content design. Visual narrative.
Illustration & animation. Consistency.


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What do these videos look like?

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  1. Video consists of product screenshots
  2. Stock footage with filters
  3. Transitions, typography, basic information

What can you use this for?

Social media content
bite-sized pieces
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Your Blog
blog image
Starting up a YouTube channel
youtube image
For creating thought
within your niche
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Educational content, both
for e-learning and info-tainment
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Sales enablement,
training videos
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Whats the

look like?

There are no corners cut. There are constraints, but, our process is very thorough and lets you have tons of room for editing and getting things “the way you want them”. Full process breakdown here.

The most important is to align at the beginning, to ensure all the videos are consistently in line with - your expectations.

3. Discovery of concept

You get a V1 of the script. Style references in a moodboard. And ideas for the concept. This is where we align.

2. Kickoff call

Project manager, copywriter, creative lead, all discussing the direction, how things will be done.


Brand guidelines, market research, audience, product, content design, topic construction, everything related to the meta/business objectives.

4. animatic

We combine the voiceover + script + storyboard, to create a working video  that you and the team can synchronously comment on.

5. animation

After you approve the scenes, shots, footage, transitions, typography, we move into breathing life into it. This means animation, sound effects, and wrap up.

6. final files

We deliver the videos usually in groups of 5-10, so you have content ready every few days to use.

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No. Not all our clients are big names. But, they all get the same treatment. We're fully committed to making an awesome video each time. Your logo won't affect that.

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