The People,
and the Brand

Curious about the history, company, people,
how it all came to be? Scroll down.

It all started in...
Years ago, live action around
San Fransisco was our start.
As it grew, videos and mediums evolved.
Today it's more than behind a camera.
More people, more output.
More styles. More clients.
Gratitude for our success.
Staying hungry & striving for more.

Our Team

Ivan Andrianko
Owner. Started as creative, now works on business development/rev growth.
Ivan Andrianko
Konstantin Kanariov
Copywriter. Creates content. Writes words. Hangs out with team and clients.
Konstantin Kanariov
Katherine Krampol
Producer. Writes. Produces. Works with clients to turn their vision into reality.
Katherine Krampol
Writer, Project Manager
Thomas Hardman
Live-Action Producer. Most likely candidate to get behind a camera and shoot.
Thomas Hardman
Live-Action Producer
Project Manager. Keeps us on track & accountable. The glue of Rocketwheel.

Our Highlights


Total videos made. And increasing.


Projects done in our busiest month.


...minutes of animation.


Home Co-Investment Experts

We had a lot of positive responses using these videos for our next round of startup funding.

Shauna Steib Marketing Lead

Anyone can edit videos, but in the advertising world you really have to be able to give it that extra edge that makes it clear it was done by professionals, and Rocketwheel really has that. It’s clear that they know their industry inside and out.

Brad Murdoch EVP, Strategy & Product

Rocketwheel delivered an exceptional video that generated positive feedback from various internal stakeholders.

Nate Harper Digital Marketing Specialist

I needed a creative agency at the top of design thinking and leading edge in technical capabilities. RocketWheel was a perfect match.
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