The video brief: understanding you, context, product, everything!

  • We give you 40+ questions for ingest. Things about customers, competitors, keywords, intent, objectives, etc etc.
  • Your designer sends us branding guidelines, competitors, logos, files, fonts, all that good stuff we need to visually align.
  • You may also include some other materials: PDFs, web pages, anything which comes to mind.
  • We take all this, and combine it into our research/exploration process. Preparing for our first actual "meeting" - the kickoff.

The kickoff call, are we aligned?

Ideally, we can hop into the high-level, finer detail discussion pretty fast thanks to our ingest process (8-10 hours).
The call lasts 30-60 minutes, involves key stakeholders, and gets everyone aligned about what/why we're doing.
Often, moodboards or sketches will already be presented to clients, to get some early feedback.
After the meeting, direction is set. It's time to get scripting, storyboarding and producing.
Yup. Here's a few of us.
Portrait of Ivan
Portrait of Konstantin
Portrait of Dylan

Moodboards: visual direction, style, and alignment.

Before starting we'll compile a document usually multiple pages long, which outlines references and direction examples.
You will have a chance to review, and give your feedback... this way we can continue down a path or re-align.
This is best done over a call, so we can verbally discuss feedback. And it solidifies the direction for concept/style.
So, what is a moodboard?
Imagine it as like your company's visuals distilled into a file.

Voicever: Auditions. Accents. Who do we need to get?

If you need a particular language, accent, tone, etc, tell us. This is usually discussed within previous stages to set the criteria.
We get 50-70 sometimes up to 150 auditions per project. We'll go through them listen for the best, and send you 5-15.
We can do multiple rounds of auditions to find the "right" voice. There are no weird limits on seeking perfection! 

The animatic,
your videos blueprints.

It combines a rough voiceover & napkin drawing storyboard, to show the video flow.
Presented in SyncSketch (an easy to share link), your whole team can asynchronously leave comments.
You also have the script and storyboard to look at in pieces.
We review feedback with the main stakeholder on a call. Make sure we get it, revise, and deliver an update soon as we can.
We are using syncsketch.
World leading software of video feedback.
You will not be dissapointed.

Illustrations, and another more advanced animatic

From the moodboard direction, we create custom style frames to run the look and feel by you. Once this is approved...
We take the final voiceover, and create ALL the illustrations to make an advanced animatic - rough V1 of your video.
Here again, get designers, stakeholders, everyone involved on feedback. Asynchronously leaving feedback for us to work on.
We talk with you. Make any changes. Send it back. And start moving into the magical part of the process - animation.

Animation: let's bring it to life.

Here it all comes together. Those blueprints become the foundation for the video. As we combine all the elements.
Voiceover. Illustration. Animation. Music. Sound effects. We work and polish the video to make it come to life, to make it POP.
V1 presented. Usually 90% satisfaction rate, but a few minor things to tweak, change, and finalizes before approval.
If everything was done right. This goes smoothly. Few changes. Just a happy customer smiling about a lovely video they got.

The finale, saying goodbye, source files, any other things you need.

To wrap up, we'll provide you with all the source files, so you can use them. For your marketing, for your brochures, wherever.
If you need help making additional renders, sizes, formats, we can as well. Just ask. Our team is here to help.
Want to edit your video, turn it into a snappier version? We can do that too.
Then it's a question of: what video do you need next?

Trusted by Leaders.

It's not about budget, it's not about your logo. It's about making the best possible video, everytime, that's how we approach it. At the very least take 5 minutes to talk to our team... even email, just to feel the difference.

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