Top 5 Video Productions Companies In San Francisco

Looking for a San Francisco-based video production company? Look no more! We go through the five best agencies (in our opinion), and what sets them apart.

Sending Love to the San Francisco Video Production Scene - Short Favorites List.

San Francisco, or the Bay as we love to call it is where Rocketwheel started.

Today we're an international organization that produces videos all over the world.

That being said, we still want to send some love to the local video production scene here in San Francisco.

With the amount of content being made today, it's harder than ever to find someone who 'gets it'. Our goal here is to shorten your search down to the essentials to make getting the perfect piece of video content easy.

Rocketwheel Video Production Demoreel 2021

Boom. The demoreel says it all. Many styles. Many options. And it's all available.

Here's another cool example from the Rocketwheel portfolio:

Rocketwheel delivers speed & scale.

With over 13+ years and thousands of productions under the belt. And clients ranging from F500s to smaller startups.

This San Francisco based video productions company puts story first. It handles complex topics across a variety of industries including elearning, sales, and marketing.

Rocketwheel is constantly evolving. The last year has been especially huge for growth. Owner Ivan Andrianko says

"We see more 3D & screencast requests than ever. Clients want videos that simply said are - visually more impressive."

They offer a wide-array of visual styles including motion graphics, whiteboard videos, and 2D or 3D animation in addition to live action and style hybrids.

Here's an example for an electric car battery which combines motions graphics along with stock footage of an EV.

They’ve worked with clients including SlimStock, Bloomberg, Amazon, and Crunchbase to name a few.

Cowan Agency

Cowan Agency offers high-end affordable video production for startups and corporations.

The agency was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur Fern Cowan, who quickly signed up multinational corporations as customers including Coca-Cola and MWE.

For companies interested in taking on their own video production, Cowan offers DIY commercial filmmaking and digital marketing programs.

Slow Clap Productions

San Francisco’s Slow Clap seeks to tell your brand’s story.

Slow Clap believes that authentic storytelling lies at the heart of all successful explainer videos, campaigns, and outreach programs.

They team with brands, artists, agencies, and they are willing to take creative risks with their content to maximize output.

Slow Clap takes their customers across a 6 step journey:

Creative development
Animation & VFX

Casual Films

Whether you need video for marketing, training, or explaining, a video from Casual Films will supercharge your efforts.

For 14 years, the owners of Casual Films have been analyzing how to make their company integrate seamlessly with yours to tell your story. They describe their approach to video in one word: Ariel.

The Casual Films team looks after clients offering flexible client service and corporate production expertise.

Not only limited to San Francisco, you can find Casual films in New York, London, and Amsterdam to name a few.

Fog Coast Productions

Fog Coast encourages its customers to dream big and achieve bigger.

This is an award winning San Francisco based video production company serving the global community. Customers include small businesses, startups, large corporations and established brands.

Fog Coast seeks to create a collaborative work experience with a mission to produce outstanding video content capturing the essence of client message and brand.

The Fog Coast team brings enthusiasm and energy while offering a concierge level of service to all customers.

The right team for you? Well, you have to ask around!

There's 5 of the top video production agencies in San Francisco. Yes, it comes with a budget, and yes it's worth it - if you want the quality.

But at the end of the day nothing beats reaching out, and saying hello. Interesting in finding out more? Remember that Rocketwheel Pricing is upfront - so you know exactly what it costs.