We’re Hiring Video Content Creators

We’re constantly on the lookout for video content creators. Every single hour or every single day. This article outlines what we look for when hiring content creators. Look over this and send us an email if it sounds like you. We’d love to meet you :)

B2B Video Marketing Agency Looking For Fresh Talent with Unique Skill Sets. 

Rocketwheel.com is a B2B video agency that produces mainly in tech, SaaS, healthcare, and other business kinds of industries. However, a lot of our videos have a slick aesthetic to them.

We have content creator jobs across a few industries. Freelancers in design, web writing, visual design fields, all these and more. Here’s a full list:

  • YouTube creators, editors, anyone who runs a channel and creates long-form content.

  • Copywriters, do you come up with imaginative ideas? Well then. We’d love to meet you.

  • Designers, we’re always looking for fresh perspectives on our branding and graphics.

  • Illustrators, if you love drawing characters and scenes, we might have a job for you.

  • Animators, whether it’s 2D, 3D, screencast, we work in a variety of styles - reach out.

  • Sound & music,  we know the importance of good sound, so get in touch.

  • Voiceover artists, help us expand our roster into new auditory areas.

  • Art directors, producers, anyone else involved in the process.

If you feel you can be of service and it’s not on the list above. Send in your submission to the form at the bottom of this blog post.

What do we look for in talent?

We believe your work should speak for itself. After that it’s a question of culture, and doing a trial project to see how we get along. Here’s some of the key criteria we look out for:

  • Unique skill set that stands out

  • Consistent, wide and deep portfolio.

  • Fast response times, communication skills.

  • Located in one of our office locations (San Francisco, Montreal, Vancouver) or remotely.

  • You have experience working with clients, or in a studio at least 1-2 years, preferably in an industry related to ones that we work in.

Does that sound like you? Great, now here discover a bit about us… 

A bit about Rocketwheel.

With 13+ years of producing videos, we're keen on experimentation. New styles, new aesthetics, new creatives. We're always thinking about what next, what do the techniques allow today - which was restricted yesterday?

Here's our latest demoreel. You can also check out our "works" page for more.

We’re looking for creatives who can take it to the next level. So apply even if your portfolio is unique in style, or a different aesthetic. We’re always open to exploration.

We make a wide range of videos priced from expensive to affordable.

The most important thing is that you have invested time in developing your skills. We’re looking for attention to detail, creativity in spatial design, and story-telling. 

Our team ranges from a few members in-house, to up to 35+ with the studios, teams and freelancers that we partner with. Let’s team up together to make video content.

How to apply for our video content creation agency?

You can submit your portfolio here.

It should only take about 5 minutes total to fill it out. We try to get back to everyone within a reasonable period of time, even if we don’t feel it’s a match.

If you have any questions, use the contact form on our site to reach out directly.