How do videos get made?

Great question! Let's learn about the video production process.

It's not all simple in the background, but we'll break it down for you in a few steps.

Watch or scroll!

The ingest, understanding you, the market, the product, everything

  • You fill out the form with 40-ish questions around your value/market/product.
    test line
  • Send us your branding, competitors, logos, files, fonts, etc.
  • Any other thoughts , constraints, comments, or files you have.
  • We research, explore, brainstorm, sketch, start to prepare for kickoff.

The kickoff call, are we aligned?

Ideally, we can hop into the high-level, finer detail discussion pretty fast
30-45 minutes to align on the asset purpose, approach, tone etc.
Sometimes we already have moodboards and visuals ideas
Usually this is when.. it's time to get to work.
Yes, it is us, who will respond:

How are you feeling?
Let's moodboard about it.

Before starting we'll compile a document like this one.
It outline approach, direction, look and feel, references.
We'll think visually and present it to you.
This helps solidify a direction for concept, messaging, imagination.
So, what is a moodboard?
Imagine it as like your company's visuals distilled into a file.

All voiceovers come with an audition, and are 100% customizable

If you need a particular language, accent, tone, etc, tell us.
We're going to get 50-70+ applications, and send you the top 10
Can do multiple rounds of voiceover if necessary!

The animatic,
your videos blueprints.

It combines a rough voiceover & napkin drawing storyboard, to show the video flow.
Presented in a easy to share link, your whole team can leave comments.
You also have the script and storyboard to look at in pieces.
We continue to revise and iterate, discussing as necessary to finalize the direction.
We are using syncsketch.
World leading software of video feedback.
You will not be dissapointed.

Illustrations, and another more advanced animatic

Using the moodboard, we continue to illustrate the scenes for the video.
The advanced animatic has the final voiceover & scenes for another check.
Here again, get designers, stakeholders, everyone involved on feedback.
We make any changes, prevent any mistakes, and full steam ahead.

Animation, making it make sense, the magic

Voiceovers, design, sound effects, all brought to life by animation.
We take those blueprints, which now are clear, refined, ready for construction.
And we create, present the V1, get feedback, adjust, and finalize.
If everything else was done right, this goes smoothly with few changes!

The finale, saying goodbye, source files, any other things you need.

To wrap up, we'll provide you with all the source files, so you can use them.
If you need help making additional renders, sizes, formats, we can as well.
Want to edit your video, turn it into a snappier version? W can do that too.
Whatever you're looking for, ask and our team can help.
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