Simple Script & Storyboard Template

Simple Script & Storyboard Template

Trying to write up a video script, but not sure what template to use?

Let's not complicate things. For years, we have known that the real secret to smart, thought-out videos isn't how good your initial script is - it's how much feedback and iteration you can handle. Which requires exploring the right questions, and digging deep.

In this guide, let's quickly outline a few things

  1. What are best practices to use when scripting?
  2. What is a template you can start to use immediately?
  3. What else should you know to make the most of your time?

Communicate your creative vision clearly, make your messaging and visual narrative easy to understand.

This means developing some kind of a plan. In essence, here is what we need to cover:

  • Link to 3-5 examples that you love. Show other people what you like, what you don't, explain why.
  • Dissect your persona, get nerdy about it, show it some love. Give as much detail as you can.
  • Explain the product, what it does, who it serves, why they find it valuable, how it does in the market.
  • Give creative constraints - this is key, don't just serve a blank page. Tell people what the vision is, and what it isn't.

And of course, be ready to throw some of this away... you need to be flexible, adapt, because...

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth. -Mike Tyson

That being said, a good plan is usually better than no plan. So that means preparing for our video that right way. Here's what some of our exploration processes look like.

Mooboards, a creative secret to designing scripts that make sense the first time around.

Before you launch yourself into creating the script.. take a moment to explore the visual landscape. Copy and paste references and links into a document (we like to use Google slides). Now you can start to develop some moodboards, to create a direction to visually think around.

This will help a ton with your scripting.

Image 2021-04-01 at 6.04.23 PM
These are direction we never used. However having them identified made it easy to know that we stay away from this kind of aesthetic. That's the point of moodboards.

Image 2021-04-01 at 6.02.03 PM
Tile views like this of aesthetics, shapes, colours, looks and feels, are essential to knowing the 'video landscape' you're trying to design. Don't skip on moodboards.

Scripts = Effective Videos

Before we get into the bulletpoint, remember that your video is an extension of your understanding of your market/product positioning. On it's own it's simply a more engaging medium. However if your topic is irrelevant to the audience - not even video can save you.

That being said, here's how we approach 'effective' video making:

  • Using a framework such as: problem, aspiration, solution
  • Similar to how to write compelling pitch decks, lead the conversation with value
  • What will you change in the life of the viewer? State it. Question them. Stir up interest.
  • Visually plan out the introduction, logo reveal and outro. Focus the story-arc around these key points.
  • Think about metaphors that are relevant, smart and simplify. Avoid anything which needs to be explained.
  • Grab all the product screenshots that you want to show AHEAD of time. Work them into the script.
  • Use cases are easy, just work them into your script chronologically.
  • When it comes to visuals: think in textures, models, sketch it out, lines, shapes, abstract
  • Think about sound effects and music from the beginning, identify the areas where it makes sense.

Here's an example of a video script template. Simple.

It's a case of what you will do with the tool provided. The template itself is simple, it's about creatively using it.

This template is ridiculously simple. Because the real magic comes from how well you did all the steps before this. The script can literally flow, if you prepare everything else.

Interested in grabbing this template? No problem, link right here.

There's more to be said about writing scripts, how to best use templates, and we'll get around to that. But for now, you have one of the best tools in our arsenal.

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