Why Rocketwheel?

Specialized in e-learning and healthcare. We get what it takes to get a message across in a heavily regulated environment. Our 13 years of experience comes in handy in picking up nuanced subject matter, and relaying it in a legally sensitive way.

What process do you follow?

Step by step where the client plays the role of editor. And we send you pieces of work to approve before moving forward down the process.
At a high level it looks like:

-> Onboarding.
-> Script / storyboard / style frames.
-> Animatic (voiceover and storyboard in mp4).
-> Illustrations.
-> Animation.
-> Renders and done.

How long does it take?

Your video can be done in the same day, or it can take 6 months. It depends on the level of complexity, length and how fast you want it. Rush fees make the impossible possible, just ask.